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Commitment to Safety.

RODY Contracting Ltd.’s commitment to safety. We proudly hold our Certificate of Recognition "COR" issued by the ACSA.


With a structured safety program and proactive approach to accident prevention, RODY Contracting Ltd. is continually striving to incorporate high safety standards on every project. We are dedicated to the elimination of all accidents for our employees as well as the public, subcontractors, suppliers, vendors and owners.

This is accomplished through proactive training, reinforcing our standards and expectations with everyone on each job site, thus allowing us to maintain an aggressive hazard recognition and corrective action plan.


• Continuous Training
• Daily Tool Box/Tail Board Meetings
• Drug & Alcohol Testing

• Job Hazard Analysis (JHAs) & Job Safety Analysis (JSAs)

• Client Required Courses (as applicable)

• New Employee Mentoring

• CPR & First Aid

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