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About RODY Contracting Ltd. 

Our Company Profile.

RODY Contracting Ltd. is a four-season construction company based out of Edmonton, AB which has been in business since 2008. We employ 15-20 construction professionals, including project managers, estimators, safety personnel, administration staff, heavy equipment foreman, operators, and labourers.

Darrell Rody, Owner/Director of RODY Contracting Ltd, has 
over 20 years experience in the heavy construction industry specializing in earthworks, road building and mass excavation. He supervises project management, safety management, quality, estimating, scheduling, and fieldwork while Angie Rody, directs RODY's office, accounting and administrative functions. Darrell works closely with project managers and foreman keeping up to date with current job conditions and progress. He is also involved with estimating and the bidding process and can present ideas that help minimize costs. Darrell is an instrumental figure in managing jobs with a budget of a million dollars and larger.​


All RODY employees are committed to maintaining and providing a safe work environment and have a strong sense of individual responsibility and accountability to adhere to our client's tight schedules and budgets. ​Built on a reputation of outstanding earthworks experience, attention to detail, project quality, and fair prices, RODY is a recipient of many open-end contracts with EPCOR, repeat contracts with ATCO, and a vendorship with SNC Lavlin/AltaLink. Our company's portfolio is diverse and has grown to include power substations, site preparation, mass excavation, civil earthworks, and road building in Alberta. The use of innovative practices, out-of-the-box solutions to various construction obstacles, and our continued commitment to the quality of our honest & hard work is what has allowed us to continue our relationships with existing clients and expand over the life of the company.

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